Granucol - coloured quartz sand

Granucol - coloured quartz sandSeamless synthetic-resin floors are used in applications that demand high levels of chemical resistance and cleanliness. This type of floor is used in kitchens, breweries, bakeries, meat and fish processing companies, the dairy industry, vehicle workshops, laboratories, hospitals, etc.. As their name suggests. synthetic-resin floors consist of a synthetic resin (epoxy, acrylate or polyurethane), which is combined with a filler product. Epoxy, acrylate and polyurethane each have different chemical properties as well as a different curing time and level of chemical resistance. In the past, use was made of fire-dried quartz sand. However, a floor made of a mixture of synthetic resin and sand is not aesthetically pleasing as the colour is primarily determined by the natural colour of the quartz sand. If the floor has to be a different colour, a coloured binding agent is used. Coloured Granucol quartz sand makes it easier to lay synthetic-resin floors that are not only functional but pleasing to the eye. Granucol is high silica gravel that has been coloured at a very high temperature giving very clear and brilliant colours. It is resistant to ultra violet light, weather and most chemicals. It is also wear and pressure resistant and can be easily processed due to its grain shape.

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Datasheet Granucol Conduct (UK).
Datasheet Granucol (UK).

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