Dolomite (Doloblast / Microdol)

Doloblast / Microdol is a calcium/magnesium carbonate. Doloblast / Microdol is a universal (micro-) abrasive, used frequently for wet blasting. It is very suitable for restoration of monuments and statues, façade cleaning, and removal of dirt, paint and graffiti. It does not contain heavy metals or free crystalline silica and therefore harmless to health and environment. In addition, it neither contains corrosive salts nor give rise to efflorescence. Due to the low hardness of the material, Doloblast does not damage the blasted surface. In views of its limited hardness, Doloblast is more of a cleaning agent – it barely damages the surface being blast-cleaned. Because glass is much tougher, it is not damaged when blast cleaned with Doloblast. Hard metals and hard types of paint do not need to be taped off (sofar as they are not oxidised or weathered). In contrast, aluminium, copper, zinc and thin layers of paint (latex, synthetic materials) have to be protected.

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