AbraCut® Garnet

AbraCut® Garnet

AbraCut® Garnet is a naturally occurring mineral, mined and processed exclusively for Sibelco Europe. It is not toxic and non-hazardous to health and the environment. Garnet is chemically inert and does not contain any free quartz. - Blast cleaning of metal and stone/concrete, removal of mill scale, rust, old paint layers, dirt, etc. Suitable for SA-3, SA-2½, SA-2 and SA-1 (sweep-blasting). - Blast cleaning in blast rooms, cabinets and for wet blasting / damp blasting systems. - Suitable for blasting thermally treated/galvanised materials and for façade cleaning. Can also be used to clean concrete. - Water filtration

PDF file(s)
Datasheet Garnet (UK).
Datasheet Garnet medium 50-80 (UK).
Datasheet Garnet 12-20c (UK).

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