Sibelco Europe is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality blast cleaning abrasives for surface preparation, serving customers around the world. We offer a complete range of blast cleaning abrasives, including expendable abrasives such as Eurogrit coal slag grit (aluminium silicate abrasive) and Euroram copper slag grit (iron silicate abrasive), recyclable abrasives such as steel shot and steel grit, aluminium oxide and chilled iron grit and special abrasives such as Eurofinesse micro coal slag (aluminium silicate), glassbeads, calcium carbonate, dolomite and many more. In addition, Sibelco Europe supplies various floor and filler products, as well as special types of sand and gravel. 

Expendable abrasives

In principle, expendable blast cleaning abrasives are used in so-called ‘open’ blastcleaning...

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Recyclable abrasives

As their name suggests, recyclable abrasives are being recycled. They are used in blast...

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Floor and filler products

Sibelco Europe supplies several types of floor and filler products for wear-resistant...

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Special abrasives

Special abrasives include less aggressive abrasives, which are used for facade...

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Special sand and gravel

In addition to floor and filler products, Sibelco Europe supplies various other types...

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