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Fast and efficient

Timing is everything! Many customers will be familiar with this motto. Having the right products available at the right time is critical for our customers’ success. That’s why Sibelco Europe guarantees short delivery periods as well as unparalleled quality. As a result of our strategic locations and efficiently organised logistics system, we are able to deliver our products very fast throughout the world. With approx. forty agents and distributors around the world, we are able to guarantee short delivery times to even remote destinations.

To many blast cleaning companies, timing is everything. That’s why we work with dedicated distributors and forwarders who are just as serious about delivery deadlines and safety regulations as we are. Come hell or high water, you will receive your order at the agreed time, and not a minute later.

The quantity of blast cleaning abrasive, floor or filler products or sand/gravel that you may need could vary considerably. This also applies to the blast cleaning location and the techniques that you use. Apart from so-called ‘bulk’ deliveries, Sibelco Europe offers a variety of packaging and delivery options. Our modern and fully automated packaging line allows us to offer a diversity of packaging alternatives. As Sibelco Europe delivers its abrasives around the world, it has access to first-class loading and unloading facilities as well as an extensive network of specialised forwarders. In turn, this allows us to guarantee fast and efficient delivery. We have listed a number of possibilities below.


Bulk transport

Bulk deliveries throughout the (and often much further a field). Deliveries of between 1 – 35 tons can be used to replenish exchange or storage silos, whether owned or rented from Sibelco Europe. For overseas exports, ocean-going vessels are able to load directly at the Sibelco Europe's dedicated berth in Dordrecht (quantity: up to 5000 tons).



Exchange silos

Our refillable exchange silos, which are especially developed for Sibelco Europe, are fitted with four adjustable discharge pipes (courtesy of four butterfly valves). This allows you to use bulk products on-site, without having to carry around heavy bags. Moreover, there’s no need to move the blasting pots when the silos are exchanged.

The silos have a volume of approx. 14 m³, which equals approximately 20 tons of blast cleaning abrasives. The silos can be delivered filled with abrasive to almost any location in the Benelux by a specially equipped truck and can be refilled on-site.


Storage silos

Our storage silos, which offer a volume of 25m³ (approximately 35 metric tons of abrasive), are particularly well suited to larger projects in the Benelux , with high consumption volumes.

These silos are erected empty (using a special crane) and filled from a bulk truck.


Big bags

For export overseas or on locations where required, we can also supply our abrasive in strong woven polypropylene big bags.

These so-called flexible bulk bags are available in 1.0, 1.25, 1.35 or 1.5 metric tons.




Our standard packing for Eurogrit coalslag abrasive consists of25 kg paper bags, delivered on 1600 kg pallets, covered with a strong plastic shrinkfoil.

Upon request, we can also supply the abrasives in multi-ply paper bags of 50 kg, packed on shrinkfoiled pallets weighing up to 2 tons. Apart from this, there are various special packing options available for overseas export.




The major part of our production is exported to over 60 countries around the world. Several modes of transport are used to deliver abrasive products to our customers.

1. Ocean-going vessels are able to load directly at the Sibelco Europe's dedicated berth in Dordrecht (quantity: up to 5000 tons).

2. In 20ft. heavy tested containers, we can ship our abrasives to virtually any destination in the world.

3. Barges are used to transport products to the ports of Rotterdam or Antwerp , where they are transhipped into large ocean-going vessels.

4. Last but not least, our abrasive products can be transported by road or rail to almost any European destination, or (much) further a field.