Schalkwijk Bridge blast cleaned with Eurogrit (Kargo project)

The department of Public Works (Rijkswaterstaat) of The Netherlands has officially launched the Kargo project on September 12, 2011 . This project involves the large backlog maintenance work on the six Kargo bridges across the Amsterdam-Rijn canal and maintenance work on two other bridges across the Kargo-Outside-IJ in Amsterdam and the Lekkanaal in Nieuwegein.

The company GSB (Gelders Steel Blasting and painting) has now started blasting and painting the bridge in the municipality of Houten. The bridge connects Schalkwijk with Houten. This solid steel arch bridge was built in 1976.

The department of Public Works (Rijkswaterstaat) of The Netherlands is renovating the Schalkwijk bridge. The work consists of strengthening and painting the steel arch. In addition, the vertical clearance under the bridge will be increased, thus enabling four-layer container vessel to pass the bridge.

The surface, where the old protective coating is removed, is done by abrasive blasting (blast cleaning) using Eurogrit aluminum silicate blasting abrasives (coal slag blasting grit).

Eurogrit abrasives at Schalkwijk bridge   Eurogrit Abrasives at Schalkwijk bridge  

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