Railway bridge over the Rhine blast cleaned with Eurogrit

Abrasive blastcleaning with Eurogrit coal slag abrasive gritScaffold Builders Harsco from Vlaardingen have completely wrapped the historic bridge over the Rhine at Arnhem with tarp, to enable the painters of Van der Ende Straal- en Schilderwerken BV in Barendrecht, the main contractor of this spectacular project, to work unhindered. On behalf of ProRail, this year the 135-meter-long central section will be refurbished. It is the first time since 1952 that the bridge will undergo such a large overhaul.

The railway bridge over the Rhine
The iron bridge over the Rhine enables the railway connection between Arnhem Station and the station Arnhem South on the track Arnhem - Nijmegen. The railway runs along the north side of the town along the city frontier through the “Rosandepolder” and separates on the southside the districts “Schuytgraaf” and “De Laar”, just before arriving at Arnhem South Station.

The current bridge is the fifth bridge over the Rhine at Arnhem. The first bridge was built in 1879 and had several arches and an additional pillar in the river. On May 10, 1940, the bridge was blown up during the German attack. On 19 November,1940 the destroyed bridge was replaced by the Germans by a bridge from Zaltbommel. Since this bridge consisted only of one railway track signal boxes were placed to regulate the traffic. During the Battle of Arnhem, the bridge was destroyed again, however, and then replaced by a temporary bridge from Dordrecht. In 1952 this bridge has been replaced by the permanent bridge as it still stands today.

The surface preparation in the form of abrasive blast cleaning is done by Van der Ende with the abrasive grit Eurogrit aluminum silicate (coal slag blasting grit). The first delivery in a Eurogrit exchange silo took place on 17 April 2012, followed by various silos and bulk deliveries.

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