Eurogrit supplies abrasives for the renovation of the Hallen complex in Amsterdam

Eurogrit BV currently supplies the abrasives for the renovation of the historical "Hallen" complex in Amsterdam, the former tram remise of the GVB (Community transport company of Amsterdam).

The conservation work of the project is done by the company Ervas International.

The renovation en re-development of the historical building is a project of architect bureau J. van Stigt The former tram remise at the Bellamysquare gets a new destination. After 16 years of neglect the renovation has started in January 2013. Ervas performs part of the renovation as a subcontractor to construction company M.J. De Nijs for an underground parking garage of 5000 m².

The "Hallen" will be converted into a nine screen cinema, cafes and restaurants, tv-studios, an hotel and a trade hall, in total 17.000 m² . For more information (in Dutch):

The blasting grit used is the environmentally friendly mineral blastcleaning abrasive Green Lightning® Olivine.

Green Lightning® Olivine abrasive   Green Lightning® Olivine abrasive  

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