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Eurogrit blasting grit recall campaign on account of small quantities of asbestos fibres
An independent and recognised research institute commissioned by Eurogrit has noted after analysis that small quantities of the chrysotile type of asbestos fibres (also known as “white asbestos”) can occur in Eurogrit coal slag blasting grit (aluminium silicate).
According to experts, the quantities found are so small that the product itself does not present any health risks.  When the use involves prolonged unprotected exposure, increased health risks cannot be ruled out. 
The products in question are primarily supplied to professional industrial processors such as blasting grit companies. Eurogrit has informed them and asked them to no longer use or re-sell the product. 
A limited quantity is also supplied to construction centres, rental companies and to individual consumers through our factory in Dordrecht. The products for consumers are supplied in 25-kg
brown paper bags and with Abrasive ISO 11126N/CS/G marked in blue on the packaging.
We are asking all consumers who have bought this product not to use it. Consumers’ closed packs should remain closed and open packs should be packed in a plastic bin bag. Consumers may then contact our support staff on +32 (0) 28920538 or sales.eurogrit@sibelco.com. They will then be given further information on disposal methods and financial compensation. They can also contact our support staff if they have any other questions. We are available from Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 8 pm.
Eurogrit offers its sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.