Castoro Sei blast cleaned with Eurogrit

In October 2009, Keppel Verolme’s yard in the Netherlands has started work on the semisubmersible pipelayvessel Castoro Sei work owned by Italian contractor Saipem. The work includes the overhauling of four thrusters, installation of a new stinger, repairs and modification of the onboard gantry cranes and fendering system. The semisubmersible pipelay vessel will also undergo an extensive hull blasting and painting programme. Work on Castoro Sei is scheduled for completion in the first quarter of 2010. The vessel is set to sail for work at the Nord Stream project on its delivery from the yard. The gas pipeline project running through the Baltic Sea, will transport supplies from Russia to the European Union.

The blast cleaning will (partly) be done with Eurogrit aluminium silicate (coal slag) abrasive.

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