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Muehlhan B.V. will perform steel conservation for ThyssenKrupp Mill Services & Systems GmbH Oberhausen on 3 ‘A-cranes’ at the seaside of the EECV Terminal. In these 3 years the cranes will be completely refurbished.

Eurogrit BV supplies the blast cleaning abrasives that are being used for the surface treatment of the inside of the cranes.

The blasing and painting in a closed area 40 meters above the sea over a length of more than 100 meters is quite a challenge. The influence of coal and ore dust combined with the salt harsh sea environment and the high utility rate of the 40 year old cranes demands a specialist approach.

The abrasive used for the project is our expendable blast cleaning abrasive Bekagrit iron silicate (copper slag blasting grit).

A-lostorens gestraald met Eurogrit straalmiddel / straalgrit   A-lostorens gestraald met Eurogrit straalmiddel / straalgrit