Road construction and civil engineering

We also provide companies active in the road construction and (wet) civil engineering sectors with a range of blast cleaning abrasives for the surface preparation and pre-treatment of dams, bridges, viaducts and locks. Eurogrit aluminium silicate abrasive (coal slag grit) is an excellent choice. It easily removes mill skin, rust, old paint layers and dirt. In addition, it is environmentally friendly, free of quartz, and can be used to achieve cleanliness grades SA-3, SA-2½, SA-2 or SA-1. We are able to offer you tailor-made logistics solutions for large-scale blast cleaning and surface preparation projects, by providing you for example with storage or exchange silos.

Eurogrit aluminium silicate abrasive (coalslag blasting grit) has been used to blast clean the John Frost Bridge near Arnhem (better known as “the bridge too far”), the locks at IJmuiden and the “Oosterscheldekering” ( Eastern Scheldt storm surge barrier) and the “Maeslantkering”.

Surface preparation is the most important single factor when a surface is to be protected by a film-forming material e.g. paint. Good and proper surface preparation will prolong the life-time of the paint. This leads to fewer maintenance intervals and thus lower costs.

Dams, bridges and locks are often subject to heavy corrosion. As a consequence, high-quality corrosion protection – in combination with proper surface preparation of the steel – is very important.

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