Are you looking for a complete range of high-quality blast cleaning abrasives for surface preparation, floor and filler products and special types of sand and gravel? Do you require your orders to be processed fast and efficient? Do you need your orders always to be delivered on time? Do you require professional and well-informed answers to all your abrasive questions?

We offer abrasive solutions for surface preparation of steel and metal, stone and concrete, wood etc.

Abrasive waterjet cutting

Abrasive waterjet cutting with the highest pricision!...

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Abrasives for shipbuilding and shiprepair

The shipbuilding and ship repair industry is all about speed. It is imperative that...

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Abrasives for the oil gas and petrochemical industry

Wherever and whenever the need arises – be it in the Netherlands or on the most remote...

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Abrasives for Facade cleaning

From a sandstone cathedral to brick-built houses: for each facade, Sibelco Europe has...

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Road construction and civil engineering

We also provide companies active in the road construction and (wet) civil engineering...

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Building construction and finishing

From floor and wall decoration to roofing materials: Sibelco Europe offers a ...

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When blasting jeans and other textiles (denim blasting), the best results are achieved...

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