Building construction and finishing

Speciale zandsoorten voor de vloerenindustrieFrom floor and wall decoration to roofing materials: Sibelco Europe offers a complete range of materials that allow you to finish a building to perfection. High-quality floor and filler products, including Dorsilit crystal quartz sand, calcinated bauxite and silicon carbide, allow you to create beautiful, stable floors that offer any level of density and pressure strength, as well as wear-resistant non-slip qualities. For seamless synthetic-resin floors that must meet stringent requirements in terms of chemical resistance and hygiene, we recommend Granucol coloured quartz sand.

Sibelco Europe has it's own mixing installation where we can dose and pack a maximum of five different products (grain size 0,06 - 4,0 mm) in exactly the right quantities, according to the client's specification. All you need to do is to add the binding agent.

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