Abrasives for shipbuilding and shiprepair

ScheepsbouwThe shipbuilding and ship repair industry is all about speed. It is imperative that a ship under construction, or undergoing repairs, is being put or returned into service as soon as possible. We guarantee short delivery times.

Do you need to remove mill scale, paint or rust from a steel hull? By using the proper blast cleaning abrasive, you can achieve any degree of surface cleanliness, as well as any surface profile (roughness). We are always ready to recommend you the right abrasive for your application.

Surface preparation is the most important single factor when a surface is to be protected by a film-forming material e.g. paint. Good and proper surface preparation will prolong the life-time of the paint. This leads to fewer maintenance intervals and thus lower costs.

You can choose from a complete range of expendable blast cleaning abrasives and recyclable abrasives, including for example Eurogrit aluminium silicate (coal slag blasting grit), suitable for cleanliness grades SA-3, SA-2½, SA-2 and SA-1. Sibelco Europe also supplies special abrasives and filler products for non-slip layers on ship decks, which are available in several colours.

For fixed locations and long-term projects, We have developed a carefully thought-out silo system.

Some of our references:

Damen Shipyards - the Netherlands
Keppel Verolme - the Netherlands
Curaçaose Droogdokmaatschappij - Curaçao
Diques y Astilleros Nacionales (DIANCA) - CA, Venezuela
Panama Canal Commission - Panama

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